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Why Sleep is so important?


Why Sleep is so important?

Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together ” – Thomas Dekker

With the increase of on-screen time, never-ending double taps on social media platforms have a direct proportion with the number of insomnia patients around the globe.

The sleep cycle determines our health, attitude our day to day behavior. A well-slept person is observed to be less irritated than a night owl. In today’s world of networking where we need to maintain our relations even the smallest businesswoman/ man needs peace of mind and this naturally comes with a well-slept mind. 

We at The Purple Herb Tree understand the importance of sleep and how today’s onscreen life has affected our sleep cycle and hence we have come out with a natural product that is 100% vegan gluten-free and with zero preservatives. This 100% natural product soothes the mind, relaxes the muscles without any extra effort. It’s easy to consume and taste just like a candy shop in your mouth. The natural ingredients have 0 chemicals effects on the body and only and only sing a Lullaby for quality sleep.

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