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Post-Covid Health and wellbeing


Post-Covid Health and wellbeing

Every house has one question asked every morning ?

Every house has one question asked every morning, How many cases were recorded? This may seem like a very basic question these days but subconsciously this affects our well-being. The constant urge to know the numbers, the graphs to check the rise day wise, country wise and whatnot. 

Our morning should be rejuvenating, cheerful, helping us to kick start the day on a positive note. Staying updated is good, it’s competitive but also knowing when to gain the knowledge is empowerment, sounds strange right!? But timing is everything. Reading the newspaper early in the morning is good but is it good to read the number of murders cases or the rising number of molestation cases. Reading is power but knowing what to read and when to read is empowering. 

The fact that the past few years have hard on the economy and local businesses but the fact that we talk so little about how it affects our well being our mental health shows how less we talk about this topic. Seeing our toddlers, kids, youth, and every age group stuck at home confined to their rooms has led to a spike in anxiety levels and with increasing social media use, the feeling of FOMO and insecurities have peaked like never before. Yes, we have seen an increase in family time where families sit and talk, play games but once they close the room doors there are many still facing anxiety without showing the same to others. How do we deal with such situations? How can we stop overthinking? How can we strengthen our mental health?

There are many ways but yet not many for all of us. All of us have our ways to deal with depression and anxiety. Some talk, some play, some listen to music, some cry, some write, some cook, some just meditate. We can call these are escape activities. We all have to find out ways but there are always a few things that help us along with our escape activities. 

Ashwagandha word means “smell of horse “in Sanskrit. The roots of the herb smell like horse, ewwww I know, but once consumed gives you the strength of a horse, horsepower. This herb is found in Africa and India and has been a part of Ayurvedic culture for ages. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems and each Indian household is a mini ayurvedic hotspot. 
Ashwagandha is considered a Rasayana herb and hole a prominent place in Ayurved. It is believed to maintain youth both mentally and physically. 
Ashwagandha is an evergreen herb and each part of the herb has its benefit. Like the Indian culture 0 wastage, each part is used and consumed for various benefits. 

Ashwagandha has properties that reduce stress but calm the brain and help combat depression and anxiety. Regular consumption helps in controlling our blood sugar level and cholesterol which are on a constant rise in today’s world of the fast-food chain. 
Ashwagandha has also been said to have improved athletic performance and worthwhile supplement for athletes as they help in muscle strengthening with increasing oxygen intake. 
Ashwagandha has been a part of India day to day culture and has been given to children from a very young age. The herb is natural and has zero side effects. 

We at The Purple Herbal tree understand the importance of mental well-being and health have studied and understood the importance of Ashwagandha and have used the same in our various products as well. As we are 100% natural, vegan with zero preservatives believe Ayurvedic uses and practices.

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