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Myths and misconceptions about health


Myths and misconceptions about health

The old saying and belief that goes around saying “ half knowledge is always a disaster”.

Well, this may be true in almost 100% of scenarios. Having heard about a topic from someone who is not an expert, or having read about it from our what’s app university is not always authentic. Hearing from our grandmas about home remedies might work but do we know they work 100%, maybe yes maybe no. 

The point here is to have done an extra step of research while believing in anything you hear. These days Google/the internet has made things so convenient for us to read and understand a topic, have a 360-degree analysis of each ingredient before consuming, applying, or believing. Gone are the days when we went off to libraries hunting for books to read about any topic. Evolute with the evolution or soon Fomo will creep in. 

Here are some myths to be busted and misconceptions to be cleared about our understanding of health. 

Have you just had egg white and parted your ways with the yolk thinking it’s not healthy as it causes heart disease or cholesterol. Well here is the reality and research done by doctors state  “got to know the health benefits of egg yolk only recently, but egg yolk is recommended for everyone unless allergic, even people with heart disease as it is loaded with HDL which is a good cholesterol and actually counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol,” says Alam. “Hence one egg a day for everyone, unless allergic, at least five days a week is a good thing.” Mashfika Alam, is a doctor with online health consultancy iCliniq.

The next major misconception about weight loss, getting the summer body of your dream is starving yourself. The diet where significantly cutting down the number of calories consumed in a day may seem like an effective strategy for losing those extra inches quickly. But in fact, a radical shift in your eating can lead to the opposite and drastic resulting in too little or starving yourself is a very bad idea and it actually leads to rebound weight gain. Eat a balanced out low-calorie diet, that will help you to lose weight. A balanced diet is a fundamental rule for a balanced life. Eat healthy feel healthy live healthy and think healthily. The way to your mind is through your stomach. Your body is your temple and will only resonate with what it takes in.

The new water these days is the detox water with N number of ingredients to flush out the “impurities”. Well, can water be ever be replaced by anything else? There is always one person in every group raving about the new detox routine he/she has started and how they have seen a significant increase in their impurities being flushed out. Aaahh here is a pointer, our body only flushed out impurities that are kidney and liver feel are unnecessary, alien to the body. The beauty of the human body is that it flushes out toxins on an everyday basis from our body. A certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist Julie Lohre explains, “Most regiments used for a typical detox dehydrate the body and can cause bowel issues like diarrhea so the weight loss you see within a few days is typically just from the loss of water… really the opposite of what you want to do for overall health.”

It’s chocolate how can you say no to chocolate. It causes acne bro, I need to go slow on my chocolate to look a certain way for my upcoming date night bro. Chocolate causes acne, a myth I believed in my teenage too and I still tell my brother this. Chocolate has often been blamed for many of the zits suffered by high school kids including me. But busted, Scientists put this to the test in a study, providing 65 subjects with candy bars—some containing 10 times the typical amount of chocolate, others containing no chocolate, over a period of one month. At the end of the study, they could find no discernable increase in the amount of acne in one group or another.

Hence a lot of what we hear is not always true hence extra step of the research will only help you understand things better and tackle the real issue from the roots. So next time before you blame the bar of chocolate just know it’s not chocolate that causes acne.

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