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Eat healthy live healthy


Eat healthy live healthy

Eat your greens!! Why are you always leaving out on the peas?? Why are you so picky about your vegetables. The constant ringing of my mom’s voice every time I sat down to eat. 

Eating healthy to live healthily, is a phrase a grew up with, and never had I understood this until recently. Let’s talk a small example here, I was overweight by 27kgs and a big sweet tooth fanatic. Every meal every supper ended with lots and lots of deserts. There were days I looked at myself and saw my confidence go down the drain and other days where food was my only priority. May it be junk may it be sweets may it be mom’s extra oily food. As the days went by, the trolls the mocking grew and received comments like oh god you are so fat who is going to marry you. One fine day when a family member mocked my very appearance, I had reached my peak of tolerance and hence decided to do something about it. 

For the 1st few months, I started gymming with no diet restrictions, consumed the same amount of sugar, and saw zero results. Sat back and analyzed, did some research, and read a lot about how sugar is one of the biggest enemies. Hence stopped consuming sugar completely and continued my workout. Slowly but steadily started to eat clean, more of my greens and vegetables and less of what we call junk, and finally today after 1 year I am fit, healthy, and no more overweight. The people who told me to lose weight have asked me to stop losing weight. Well, life took a full circle I guess. The point being here is, when you think you want to do something for yourself the first thing I would suggest is to eat clean. What you put in is what you get. It’s just like your computer the output is as per the input you feed in. 

Your body is your temple, your sanctum. Spending hours in the gym and walking to the nearest McDonald’s will only satisfy those cravings but never help you in achieving the goal. A cheat day, a cheat meal is always welcomed once in a while. The eat healthy live healthy phrase is becoming more and more relevant in today’s world where we face a pandemic. The luxury of eating 3 meals a day at home with loved ones is becoming a popular phenomenon, started by force but relished by many now. Adding fruits like berries, oranges, apples to a daily routine helps in having a clean gut and flushing out those toxins. You eat with your eyes first and to make the food more appealing even when it’s healthy is by adding colors and cute shapes but dicing them uniquely.

For our seafood lovers, ain to eat at least 2 portions of fish a week as fish are high in omega-3 fats, which may help prevent heart disease. The most important thumb rule of any healthy lifestyle is staying hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated, sipping on juices, coconut water or just regular water is the best, most effective way to flush out impurities and have that glowy dewy skin without any makeup. The next principle to abide by is to have breakfast and never to skip breakfast. The word breakfast means, breaking your fast from the previous night. Having dinner by 8 or 9 and waking up the next morning has a huge gap where the body remains without food and hence can lead to gastro issues. Hence breaking the fast not only helps the body to gain energy but also helps in losing weight to a great extent. Starving your body is no good and can only have negative impacts. Moderation is the key. 

Hence eating healthy is not different nor easy but having the right mindset and motivation can only take you down the path of a healthy life. The notion of healthy food does not taste good has gone with the days. There are 100s of videos and books to make your food appealing by looks and smell which are not just tasty but healthy. Health with a twist of taste. Keep it healthy keep it tasty.

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