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Eat healthy live healthy

Eat your greens!! Why are you always leaving out on the peas?? Why are you so picky about your vegetables. The constant ringing of my mom’s voice every time I sat down to eat. 

Eating healthy to live healthily, is a phrase a grew up with, and never had I understood this until recently. Let’s talk a small example here, I was overweight by 27kgs and a big sweet tooth fanatic. Every meal every supper ended with lots and lots of deserts. There were days I looked at myself and saw my confidence go down the drain and other days where food was my only priority. May it be junk may it be sweets may it be mom’s extra oily food. As the days went by, the trolls the mocking grew and received comments like oh god you are so fat who is going to marry you. One fine day when a family member mocked my very appearance, I had reached my peak of tolerance and hence decided to do something about it. 

For the 1st few months, I started gymming with no diet restrictions, consumed the same amount of sugar, and saw zero results. Sat back and analyzed, did some research, and read a lot about how sugar is one of the biggest enemies. Hence stopped consuming sugar completely and continued my workout. Slowly but steadily started to eat clean, more of my greens and vegetables and less of what we call junk, and finally today after 1 year I am fit, healthy, and no more overweight. The people who told me to lose weight have asked me to stop losing weight. Well, life took a full circle I guess. The point being here is, when you think you want to do something for yourself the first thing I would suggest is to eat clean. What you put in is what you get. It’s just like your computer the output is as per the input you feed in. 

Your body is your temple, your sanctum. Spending hours in the gym and walking to the nearest McDonald’s will only satisfy those cravings but never help you in achieving the goal. A cheat day, a cheat meal is always welcomed once in a while. The eat healthy live healthy phrase is becoming more and more relevant in today’s world where we face a pandemic. The luxury of eating 3 meals a day at home with loved ones is becoming a popular phenomenon, started by force but relished by many now. Adding fruits like berries, oranges, apples to a daily routine helps in having a clean gut and flushing out those toxins. You eat with your eyes first and to make the food more appealing even when it’s healthy is by adding colors and cute shapes but dicing them uniquely.

For our seafood lovers, ain to eat at least 2 portions of fish a week as fish are high in omega-3 fats, which may help prevent heart disease. The most important thumb rule of any healthy lifestyle is staying hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated, sipping on juices, coconut water or just regular water is the best, most effective way to flush out impurities and have that glowy dewy skin without any makeup. The next principle to abide by is to have breakfast and never to skip breakfast. The word breakfast means, breaking your fast from the previous night. Having dinner by 8 or 9 and waking up the next morning has a huge gap where the body remains without food and hence can lead to gastro issues. Hence breaking the fast not only helps the body to gain energy but also helps in losing weight to a great extent. Starving your body is no good and can only have negative impacts. Moderation is the key. 

Hence eating healthy is not different nor easy but having the right mindset and motivation can only take you down the path of a healthy life. The notion of healthy food does not taste good has gone with the days. There are 100s of videos and books to make your food appealing by looks and smell which are not just tasty but healthy. Health with a twist of taste. Keep it healthy keep it tasty.

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How social media affects health

Digital era, social media is the main pillar. Being connected, posting ootds, stories of what you eat, drink, do is just a mere way of staying in the loop of looking cool.

We as humans are social beings, rely on each other to live, communicate our emotions to develop to grow. We need social networking to live and thrive, to be happy. Today’s world of digital life, where we live more on screens, on stories and double taps than we live physically among each other has its perks and pitfalls. Every coin comes with two sides and once tossed it only lands on one side depending on the flips in the air. Excess of anything is bad and with the growing social media era, the definition of excess is varying. The time spent by one on social may be the time spent by one while sleeping. Staying connected in this big world has become easy, getting updates from an uncle who stays down in Austrian or from a friend on a Europe trip has never been this easy. 

But let’s flip the coin to highlight the cons of this growing addiction. We wake up to see the number of likes on our last night post or the number of views on our story. We wake up to the ting from a message on what’s an app but not to the birds chirping. There is a direct link between our time on screen and our mental health which leads to depression, anxiety, and worse suicidal thoughts. While scrolling through your feed and just seeing the top of a 0 size figure has led to increasing in comparison of one body with the on-screen body even though they are photoshopped. A striking rise in health issues due to starvation has seen a peak in teen girls to gain those Instagramable bodies. Insecurities Creep in with the perfect skin with filters and there we have girls and boys spending thousands on makeup to look a certain way which is nothing less than perfect rather than real.

Putting your best foot out has become the motto of this generation where everyone on Instagram is having a perfect life with a perfect house and relationship setting unrealistic goals. The idea of someone partying every weekend or carrying that Gucci bag has triggered anxiety and lowered self-esteem. Comparing is invariably a trait of humans and once you see someone on social media living a perfect life, we tend to compare our scenarios and bang without any effort we are in a storm of depression. Once you start posting stories, post to be relevant the fake life starts, and a burden to maintain that status quo begins. The pressure mounds and without realizing their anxiety attacks that creep slowly and stead. The other most common issue among this life is cyberbullying where even one single post or story can go viral with one comment and bully. The impact on a person’s mental physical health is incomparable but oh we need to look cool among others by putting someone down. 

Each coin comes with two sides but once the coin stands upright there is a balance that can be achieved. Adding filters to your selfies is in no way wrong but having an obsession to have the perfect flawless skin can be harmful not just to the pocket but to your mental health. Cutting down online time, follow the pages that spread a positive story and show the real-life, unfollow pages that trigger a notion of negativity in even the slightest way, monitor your child’s account, debates on their take on social media and why they follow a particular page will give you an insight of their thoughts. Even the slightest change in behavior of your friends and family should be monitored and checked on to know if they need a eat. Social media is a blessing but it’s also a disguise. Knowing where to draw the line will only make this experience healthy and enjoyable.

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Myths and misconceptions about health


The old saying and belief that goes around saying “ half knowledge is always a disaster”.

Well, this may be true in almost 100% of scenarios. Having heard about a topic from someone who is not an expert, or having read about it from our what’s app university is not always authentic. Hearing from our grandmas about home remedies might work but do we know they work 100%, maybe yes maybe no. 

The point here is to have done an extra step of research while believing in anything you hear. These days Google/the internet has made things so convenient for us to read and understand a topic, have a 360-degree analysis of each ingredient before consuming, applying, or believing. Gone are the days when we went off to libraries hunting for books to read about any topic. Evolute with the evolution or soon Fomo will creep in. 

Here are some myths to be busted and misconceptions to be cleared about our understanding of health. 

Have you just had egg white and parted your ways with the yolk thinking it’s not healthy as it causes heart disease or cholesterol. Well here is the reality and research done by doctors state  “got to know the health benefits of egg yolk only recently, but egg yolk is recommended for everyone unless allergic, even people with heart disease as it is loaded with HDL which is a good cholesterol and actually counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol,” says Alam. “Hence one egg a day for everyone, unless allergic, at least five days a week is a good thing.” Mashfika Alam, is a doctor with online health consultancy iCliniq.

The next major misconception about weight loss, getting the summer body of your dream is starving yourself. The diet where significantly cutting down the number of calories consumed in a day may seem like an effective strategy for losing those extra inches quickly. But in fact, a radical shift in your eating can lead to the opposite and drastic resulting in too little or starving yourself is a very bad idea and it actually leads to rebound weight gain. Eat a balanced out low-calorie diet, that will help you to lose weight. A balanced diet is a fundamental rule for a balanced life. Eat healthy feel healthy live healthy and think healthily. The way to your mind is through your stomach. Your body is your temple and will only resonate with what it takes in.

The new water these days is the detox water with N number of ingredients to flush out the “impurities”. Well, can water be ever be replaced by anything else? There is always one person in every group raving about the new detox routine he/she has started and how they have seen a significant increase in their impurities being flushed out. Aaahh here is a pointer, our body only flushed out impurities that are kidney and liver feel are unnecessary, alien to the body. The beauty of the human body is that it flushes out toxins on an everyday basis from our body. A certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist Julie Lohre explains, “Most regiments used for a typical detox dehydrate the body and can cause bowel issues like diarrhea so the weight loss you see within a few days is typically just from the loss of water… really the opposite of what you want to do for overall health.”

It’s chocolate how can you say no to chocolate. It causes acne bro, I need to go slow on my chocolate to look a certain way for my upcoming date night bro. Chocolate causes acne, a myth I believed in my teenage too and I still tell my brother this. Chocolate has often been blamed for many of the zits suffered by high school kids including me. But busted, Scientists put this to the test in a study, providing 65 subjects with candy bars—some containing 10 times the typical amount of chocolate, others containing no chocolate, over a period of one month. At the end of the study, they could find no discernable increase in the amount of acne in one group or another.

Hence a lot of what we hear is not always true hence extra step of the research will only help you understand things better and tackle the real issue from the roots. So next time before you blame the bar of chocolate just know it’s not chocolate that causes acne.

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Why Sleep is so important?

Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together ” – Thomas Dekker

With the increase of on-screen time, never-ending double taps on social media platforms have a direct proportion with the number of insomnia patients around the globe.

The sleep cycle determines our health, attitude our day to day behavior. A well-slept person is observed to be less irritated than a night owl. In today’s world of networking where we need to maintain our relations even the smallest businesswoman/ man needs peace of mind and this naturally comes with a well-slept mind. 

We at The Purple Herb Tree understand the importance of sleep and how today’s onscreen life has affected our sleep cycle and hence we have come out with a natural product that is 100% vegan gluten-free and with zero preservatives. This 100% natural product soothes the mind, relaxes the muscles without any extra effort. It’s easy to consume and taste just like a candy shop in your mouth. The natural ingredients have 0 chemicals effects on the body and only and only sing a Lullaby for quality sleep.

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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

As the old saying says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and a fermented apple juice is nothing but Apple cider vinegar in short ACV.

ACV has a packed load of benefits from the skin to hair to sugar level control to weight loss. A regular intake with salads or just direct has been a routine for ages. ACV is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and also helps in reducing inflammation. All these aids for youthful and healthy-looking skin. Regular intake, it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin which helps in dealing with any irritation on the skin or even dry skin. You reap what you sow, just the same way your skin and glow are a result of what you eat.

A healthy diet with added supplements will only gain compliments. Making your weight loss journey easy is just a step away by adding ACV to your daily life as it helps in boosting metabolism and reduces fast storage. The extra step added to our daily routine shows wonders we can never imagine and hence small things make a huge difference. Your hair goals are just not your goals but a target to be achieved sooner than later by adding ACV as they maintain the pH of the scalp and as mentioned they are antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that promote not just hair growth but also maintain the health of the extra inches.

But as we know vinegar taste is something hard to get used to and may not be liked by all and hence making it a routine can be difficult and hence here we are, The Purple Herb Tree, adding the benefits of ACV in the gummy bears that not only have all the natural ingredients but a pack load of the yummy flavor of candies. They are 100% vegan and gluten-free with 100% results on regular use.

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Post-Covid Health and wellbeing

Every house has one question asked every morning ?

Every house has one question asked every morning, How many cases were recorded? This may seem like a very basic question these days but subconsciously this affects our well-being. The constant urge to know the numbers, the graphs to check the rise day wise, country wise and whatnot. 

Our morning should be rejuvenating, cheerful, helping us to kick start the day on a positive note. Staying updated is good, it’s competitive but also knowing when to gain the knowledge is empowerment, sounds strange right!? But timing is everything. Reading the newspaper early in the morning is good but is it good to read the number of murders cases or the rising number of molestation cases. Reading is power but knowing what to read and when to read is empowering. 

The fact that the past few years have hard on the economy and local businesses but the fact that we talk so little about how it affects our well being our mental health shows how less we talk about this topic. Seeing our toddlers, kids, youth, and every age group stuck at home confined to their rooms has led to a spike in anxiety levels and with increasing social media use, the feeling of FOMO and insecurities have peaked like never before. Yes, we have seen an increase in family time where families sit and talk, play games but once they close the room doors there are many still facing anxiety without showing the same to others. How do we deal with such situations? How can we stop overthinking? How can we strengthen our mental health?

There are many ways but yet not many for all of us. All of us have our ways to deal with depression and anxiety. Some talk, some play, some listen to music, some cry, some write, some cook, some just meditate. We can call these are escape activities. We all have to find out ways but there are always a few things that help us along with our escape activities. 

Ashwagandha word means “smell of horse “in Sanskrit. The roots of the herb smell like horse, ewwww I know, but once consumed gives you the strength of a horse, horsepower. This herb is found in Africa and India and has been a part of Ayurvedic culture for ages. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems and each Indian household is a mini ayurvedic hotspot. 
Ashwagandha is considered a Rasayana herb and hole a prominent place in Ayurved. It is believed to maintain youth both mentally and physically. 
Ashwagandha is an evergreen herb and each part of the herb has its benefit. Like the Indian culture 0 wastage, each part is used and consumed for various benefits. 

Ashwagandha has properties that reduce stress but calm the brain and help combat depression and anxiety. Regular consumption helps in controlling our blood sugar level and cholesterol which are on a constant rise in today’s world of the fast-food chain. 
Ashwagandha has also been said to have improved athletic performance and worthwhile supplement for athletes as they help in muscle strengthening with increasing oxygen intake. 
Ashwagandha has been a part of India day to day culture and has been given to children from a very young age. The herb is natural and has zero side effects. 

We at The Purple Herbal tree understand the importance of mental well-being and health have studied and understood the importance of Ashwagandha and have used the same in our various products as well. As we are 100% natural, vegan with zero preservatives believe Ayurvedic uses and practices.